physical exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise refers to a range of physical activities that helps restore and build physical strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and stability. The goal of therapeutic exercise is returning an injured person to a pain-free, fully functioning state.

Since we regularly treatment neck and back pain, our office specifically targets core strength. Core stabilization, or core strengthening has been around for years. Core stabilization requires activation of the trunk muscles first in order to create a stable base of support that allows us to move our arms and legs. Making the trunk muscles stronger keeps the spine stable and helps the body stay balanced with movement; preventing falls and injury.

Quick Core

Our “Quick Core Back Stabilization Program” uses a series of five therapeutic machines designed to help strengthen the core stabilizing muscles. The exercises are performed frequently but only take 10 – 15 minutes to complete. This program is coupled with a home exercise program which includes exercises like:

  • Abdominal Bracing
  • Planks
  • Basic Push Ups
  • Bridging

Benefits of Good Core Strength:

  • Reduces Back Pain and Prevents Injury
  • Improves Athletic Performance
  • Improves Postural Imbalances